Large scale (100,000,000 users) social network data and spreading trajectories

You can download all the data and code here. The big data also can be downloaded here with passcode: 73ab. Please cite our paper: Detecting and modelling real percolation and phase transitions of information on social media, Nature Human Behaviour, 2021.

Network Predictability

Network optimal compression code and link prediction performance entropy code can be downloaded here. These codes are related to our paper: Revealing the Predictability of Intrinsic Structure in Complex Networks, Nature Communications 2020.

Percolation simulation code

We have bond and site percolation matlab codes. Please download here.

Percolation based algorithm for detecting influencial node.

Please download here. These codes are related to our paper:  Local structure can identify and quantify influential global spreaders in large scale social networks. PNAS. 2018.